Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) Purchasing Agreements and Antitrust Law

In his comments on the DOJ-FTC hearings on group purchasing, Professor Einer Elhauge opines that some group purchasing organization (GPO)-facilitated purchasing agreements involving manufacturers and GPO members continue to pose antitrust concerns, notwithstanding that the industry has, adopted Voluntary Codes of Conduct in response to previously stated concerns. While the practices that Professor Elhauge identifies, […]

HIGPA’s Pharmacy Working Group Product Sourcing for Patient Safety

Pharmacists face the daily dilemma of delivering safe and effective medication therapy to patients. HIGPA’s GPO pharmacy leaders are sensitive to the potential impact on patient care and increased costs caused by the difficulty and inability to source products when needed. Drug shortages, product integrity, and primary and secondary distribution channels all present unique challenges […]


For some four decades, Forecasting International (FI) has conducted an ongoing study of the forces changing our world. About twelve years ago, we condensed our observations into two reports. One dealt with major trends at work in the United States; the other examined trends acting throughout the world. These findings covered key aspects of the […]

Why change how we do things after 80+ years?

Several years ago we realized that our management approach was not able to evolve fast enough to keep up with the changing environment So we searched for a new philosophy and systems that could evolve ahead of the increasingly harsh environment. We looked around in health care and saw Then we looked outside our industry, […]